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Why does Stillwater Bluffs need protecting?

When you walk among the big trees of Stillwater Bluffs, or scramble down to its rocky shoreline, you may feel that you are in a protected park. 

But this land is not protected! 

It is owned by Island Timberlands. 

  • Island Timberlands' business is the harvesting of timber from its managed lands. The company could log Stillwater Bluffs, or sell it to a real estate developer, at any time.

  • While public access to Stillwater Bluffs is currently allowed, Island Timberlands could terminate access at any time if it felt visitors were behaving in a way detrimental to its interests.            

 FOSBA has taken up the challenge. 

The Friends of Stillwater Bluffs Association is a registered non profit society whose mission is to see the Bluffs permanently protected through the purchase by an entity.


Our vision is that this will ensure that this beautiful piece of land will not be logged or developed as real estate, and that the public access to it will be preserved for future generations.

We will take the lead in protecting the Bluffs, but we can't do it alone. We need your help!


We are a collective voice committed to protecting the ecological integrity of Stillwater Bluffs, while encouraging low-impact public access.

  • Our vision is to see Stillwater Bluffs permanently protected through purchase by an entity that will ensure it will not be logged or developed as real estate. 

  • We want everyone – both locals and visitors – to know about Stillwater Bluffs. The more people who spend time there and develop a relationship with the Bluffs, but also realize that it is not protected and could be lost at any time, the more people we think will join our collective voice. 

  • We are currently the only group that is working to save Stillwater Bluffs from development. Joining and supporting the Friends of Stillwater Bluffs is the only way most people can help ensure access to the Bluffs is preserved. 

  • Stillwater Bluffs is a fantastic place, we want you to check it out and enjoy it. But please do so carefully. Tread lightly, respect the neighbours, and leave it the way you found it.

Our Current Board Members (2022)

  • Jason Addy

  • Brent Goodman

  • Marc Albert

  • Lauritz Chambers

  • David Harris

  • Andy Durie

Our Friends

1 / Malaspina Land Conservancy

2 / Coastal Douglas-Fir Conservation Partnership

3 / Ancient Forest Alliance

4 / qathet Old Growth

5 / Wilderness Committee

6 / Malaspina Naturalists

7 / Sunshine Coast Conservation Association

8 / Nature Conservancy of Canada 

9 / Savary Island Land Trust 

10 / Nature Trust of British Columbia

11 / Land Trust Alliance of BC
12 / Imagine Lot 450
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