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Visiting Stillwater Bluffs

Stillwater School Parking

From highway 101 turn onto Loubert Road. 

At the bottom of the long hill turn right onto School Road.

You will see mailboxes on your right; park here.

Walk to the end of this street, and turn right onto Stillwater School road. Turn left and walk past the home on your left. 


Please note that this access crosses residential private land. The neighbours request that visitors keep their dogs on leash when passing by their home.


Hollingsworth Parking 

From hwy 101 turn onto Loubert Road.

This road turns into Scotch Fir Point Road. 

Turn right onto Hollingsworth Road.

You should either park near the mailboxes or further down the street at the beach access parking, on the left.

The Friends of Stillwater Bluffs Association does not maintain or inspect trails or surrounding areas. We encourage all visitors to be cautious when visiting, especially when walking on slippery rocks, roots, and above cliffs. 

As advocates, we ask that if you choose to visit Stillwater Bluffs, you agree to avoid the following, in order to help ensure continued access; 

  • no fires,

  • no smoking,

  • no camping, 

  • no garbage.

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